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GRAND-6 / GRAND-11 / PICO-6 series


Unique acoustic panels which combines two effects – absorbing and reflection of the falling sound wave. Thanks to possibility of adjusting the ratio between both effect, they give unlimited flexibility in adaptation of any listening room.

In general other panels available on the market can work only as absorbers or diffusers (2D, 1D, Schroedder). What differs GRAND/PICO series from them is a combination of both effects. In damping they are linearly effective starting from 200Hz. They also work from even 100Hz, but with limited efficiency. As absorbing material we use high density acoustical wool with combination of thin layer of foam. All is hidden and protected under decorative layer of fabric. Detachable, bended diffusers allows for the user to create demanded level of damping and diffusion. No special tools and skills are required to change the characteristics of the panel.

Be aware that this panels are totally incomparable to inexpensive panels manufactured from foam. This material is efficient only for higher frequencies. Typically they kill trebles, but not cure the problems by wide band action like dense and fiber materials.

Main trademarks and functional advantages:

  • Multi functionality - diffusion and absorption at one panel
  • Possibility of regulation the ratio between diffusion and absorption
  • Possibility of installation at many types of wall (wooden, concrete, gypsum boards) Installation system allow exact positioning of the panel in horizontal direction in around 12cm range (left<>right)
  • Different color combination of wooden frames, covering material and diffusion blades

Available models:

  • PICO-6 - absorption material thickness 6 cm - light correction of acoustic environment in initially designed rooms. Dedicated for smaller rooms. Dimensions - 56 / 56 / 6 cm. 
  • GRAND-6 absorption material thickness 6 cm - variant between the PICO-6 and GRAND-11.   Dimensions - 73 / 124 / 6 cm. Good for installation at sidewalls
  • GRAND-11 absorption material thickness 11 cm - advanced adjustment of the acoustic environment in bigger listening saloons. Correction of very long reverberation time.   Dimensions - 73 / 124 / 11 cm.
  • CORNER-7 floor standing panels for corners - helps in bass improvements. Absorption material thickness 7cm. 73 / 124 / 7cm

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