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AVALANCHE monitors are classic 3-way design closed in modern enclosure fully made of high grade , CNC cut plywood. Midrange and tweeter installed in separated chamber with internally sloped walls for standing waves elimination and isolation from woofer impact.

Plywoood as material used for execution of the boxes, together with way of separate layers are put together make the cabinet resistant for vibrations and unwanted resonances.

For cable connections we used very comfortable, high quality, bi-wire ready terminals accepting naked cables, bananas or forks. 

Due to very specific shape of the  speakers we offer them with dedicated stands.

Bass is reproduced by 26cm Seas Prestige woofer with cone made of coated paper. 13cm midrange speaker if done in same technology like woofer making the connection between them more coherent. For high frequency range, like in most of our speakers - we used ribbon tweeter.

AVALANCHE REFERENCE MONITORS are Avcon’s flagships. They are designed to achieve complete sounding in whole acoustic range.  It’s a connection of deep - but fast bass reproduction - with light and fresh sound of ribbon tweeter.

AVALANCHE REFERENCE MONITORS were awarded with "Best Sound of Audio Video Show 2015" 

Review from Sound Rebels . Translation of the review

Review from Stereo i Kolorowo . Translation of the review

Review from . Translation will come soon. 

Basic parameters:

Bandwidth : 25Hz - 40kHz
Impedance : 6Ohm
Nominal power : 100W
Sensitivity : 88dB
Dimensions : 35/35/100cm with stands
Weight : around 36kg/piece, around  48kg with stands