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NORTES it’s a full size 3-way speaker. Dimensions are like 25/40/110cm and weight 45kg. Rear vented cabinets made of 2,5cm MDF (5cm front wall) with number of brackets inside. Big weight and rigid structure make it insensitive for vibrations coming from 20cm woofer. Midrange and tweeter are installed in separated chamber with internally sloped walls for standing waves elimination and isolation from woofer impact.

External surfaces of the cabinet are covered by natural veneer finished with semi-gloss varnish. For cable connections we used very comfortable, high quality, double terminals accepting naked cables, bananas or forks. In the cabinet base we install four M8 sockets for spikes (spikes are included in standard).

Nominal impedance is equal to 8Ohms and efficiency 88dB. 20cm woofer reach lowest frequencies till 30Hz. Midranges are reproduced by 13cm driver with hard membrane made of carbon and kevlar fibers. As tweeter we use big surface ribbon tweeter, capable to operate since 2kHz, what gives excellent transition between mid and hi range. 

NORTES speakers are suitable specialty for listeners paying a lot of attention for lowest bass and relatively warm sound.

Basic parameters:

Bandwidth : 30Hz - 40kHz
Impedance : 6Ohm
Nominal power : 150W
Sensitivity : 88dB
Dimensions : 25/40/110cm
Weight : 47kg/szt